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The buzz around style-town is that Coimbatore’s very first instant shine-treatment is here! So if
dull locks always held you back, now is the time to let your tresses shine.

Studie’o7 Salon has introduced the much-awaited cold fusion treatment at their signature
lounge, a luxury salon destination. With a quick 10 minute appointment and a beautiful cloud of
cold-mist surrounding your hair, you will be left with tresses that shine!

Here are some of the benefits of this theatrical, effective and exciting hair treatment that has
taken every girl in the city by surprise.

Instant & long-lasting shine
One of the most popular benefits of this treatment is increased shine. After a quick 10-minute
seating, the results are instantly visible. This treatment is usually the follow-up for a
keratin/smoothening hair treatment and the shine lasts for over a week.

Improved blood circulation
The cold mist of air that is released around your scalp and your hair helps improve blood
circulation in the scalp which has numerous benefits of its own.

Reduced bald patches
With consistent seatings, proper follow-ups and expert consultation, the cold fusion treatment
also helps reduce bald patches and improves the elasticity of hair.

Quick hair-detox
Need a quick hair detox to get rid of the irritation and toxins? Apart from the above-mentioned
benefits, the treatment also acts as a quick detox for your hair and scalp.

The cold fusion treatment is 100% formaldehyde free and 100% safe for your hair. Do visit the
salon for a personal consultation and to explore other benefits of this treatment.



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