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Good skin care is not about pampering or luxury, it’s about self-love and self-care. With our wide range of facials, you’ll look and feel more radiant, rejuvenated, and youthful. Because glowing skin is just a facial away.

Revisit Your Youth

Relaxes the skin’s micro-contractures.
Alternative for botox and fillers.
Intense smoothing effect on the deepest of wrinkles.
Reduces age spots.
Authentic pearl mask for skin lifting.
Makes the skin supple and plumpier

Turn Back Time

Promotes the production of epidermal stem cells and protects them from environmental stress and UY rays.
Maintains stem cell growth and proliferation activity, and protects them from photoluminescence UY stress.

Men About Town

Contains precious elements like diamond and titanium.
Anti-ageing properties.
Has dragon blood from the trees of amazon region which has healing properties.
Rejuvenates the skin.
Reduces puffy eyes and any signs of stress

Express Treatment

Unique and Effective Solution for every skin need.
Nourishes and hydrates, dehydrated and dull skin.
Soothes sensitive skin.
Lightens dark spots and pigmentation marks.
Tightens loose and sagging skin and provides lifting effect.

Firm Redefine Lift

Younger skin.
Global firming effect Redefinition of facial fullness Lifting effect Softening of wrinkles caused by loose skin Softening of eye contour (bags-dark circles) Reduction in double chin fat

Anti Pollution Range

For Healthy, Hydrated & Energized Skin Experience the anti-pollution range with the powerful combination of Anti-oxidants & 5% Perflurodeclain, used for the first time in cosmetics treatments.

Express Treatment

Luxury Anti-Ageing Treatment Experience the bright and velvety finish on light, soft, well hydrated and comfortable skin with the presence of 50 million Stem cells of Damask Rose & White Truffle extract.

Healthy Balance

Perfect Balance: Skeyndor designed special treatment facial to balance the oil production in the skin. Tokes care of your skin from the first step to the lost step – cleansing, application of peptide followed by a mask. Each step ensures improved skin texture, reduced appearance of acne, blockheads, and whiteheads of oily skin.

Shine Like a Star

Lightens skin tone.
Reduces Spots, Melasma, Pigmentation.
Unifies Skin Tone.
Reduces acne marks and pits Unique Skeyndor method.
5 peeling techniques for the perfect skin Minimises pores and reduces early signs of ageing.

Recover & Refresh

Suitable to all skin types.
Has the highest magnesium content ever in.
Reduces redness, sensitivity, rosacea, couperose, spider veins etc.
Builds immunity in the skin to withstand temperature changes.
Improves the flora of the skin.
Reduces the sensitivity threshold.

Eyes & Lashes

Power Hyaluronic Eye & Lashes treatment is a perfect treatment for fatigued eyes, scanty eyelashes, eye bogs, crow’s feet, under eye, dark circle to rejuvenate the eye contour and strengthen the eye lashes.

Anti Pollution Range

Purify and cleanse your normal skin with soothing agents like camomile. The wheat germ oil cream stimulates the skin cells. For a more relaxed feel, opt for a hydratant mask.

Pure Vitamin Glow

Antiox-Brightening Programme 35% Feel the power of 25% Vitamin C derivatives and l 0% superfruit extracts – pomegranate & acai.

Triple Synergy Pack

The Power Retinol Treatment Clinically proved to decrease signs of ageing, increase luminosity & texture of the skin and reduce pigmentation.

Reawaken with Selenite Mineral

Power Hyaluronic: Its aim is to balance the skin’s natural hydrodynamics and obtain an optimum degree of hydration for all skin types including oily to combination & skins with adult acne.


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